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Cashy Lake & Associates is a team of professionals who work with business owners to ascertain the areas that could most benefit from improvement, thereby enabling the company to progress to an enhanced level of performance. Depending on whether the business needs specialized help or a broad range of skills, we can align the business owner with the best possible consultant or group of professionals. Our diverse team of experienced professionals is able to offer each business the unique, specialized knowledge and attention they require.


  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Eric Daly
    Managing Partner

    A senior leader, executive and consultant with a record of substantive bottom line accomplishments in financial services, high tech, transportation, wholesale and retail consumer products. Eric is equally adept in working with large and small organizations in circumstances of start-up, growth and turn-around.


  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Jacki Hart
    Business Consultant

    Jacki Hart can work with you to re-establish company culture, redefine your vision for success, and realign your people with procedures, policies, profitability and purpose. Jacki can help you to revitalize strategy, renew your confidence, and regain momentum.

  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Patti Hanrath
    Business Consultant

    Patti Hanrath focuses on effective leadership from the top: Yours. The higher your leadership ability, the higher your level of effectiveness and influence. She helps individuals, entrepreneurs and teams elevate leadership skills so they can accomplish more than could be thought possible.

  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Kate Thrasher

    Creates win, win outcomes and generates ROI. A visionary leader, business executive and community advocate.   Kate has a proven track record for generating innovative strategies that boost team collaboration, cement customer loyalty and engage diverse networks of stakeholders; profit goals are surpassed and sustainable futures achieved. Kate has 'western values' and an 'entrepreneurial spirit' and is known as a legacy builder.

  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Al DesLauriers
    The Get-You-Out-of-Trouble Guy

    Al is a crackerjack CFO who can help you raise your company to a higher level through outstanding strategic planning. Al can assist you in determining your current realistic capabilities versus the apparent opportunities at hand.  He can recommend your needed gap-closers.

  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Barbara Thrasher
    Human Resource Developer

    Barbara implements cross-functional accountability on the job through developing the peer-coaching skills of leaders. Healthy relationships are built, resources are better utilized and potential is maximized. Values are realigned as people are enabled to work in more effective ways which in turn reduces costs and inspires innovation.

  • Business Consulting Muskoka
    Ken Zdunich
    Helps You Think Your Way Out of Trouble

    Ken is a master strategist with a global and North American view who isn't afraid of asking tough questions. Be prepared to have your mind challenged and broadened by the minute. If your first answer is not perfect he will help you find a better one.

Some of Our Past Clients

  • RBC Royal Bank
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Royal Lepage
  • Urban Dispach
  • Rand Mcnally
  • Jungle Gyms Canada
  • Muskoka Futures

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