Business Consulting Packages

Find Out How Your Business Can Improve!

Getting Ready

Prepare for the Hike

Muskoka Business Consulting
  • 50 Hours of consulting time
  • 35 Hours of face time in the company location
  • 15 Hours of off site research/analysis

The focus is to ascertain the best opportunity for improvement in one of the 4 segments of your company:
• Finance and Accounting 
• Sales and Revenue 
• Production and Service 
• Branding and Marketing

There are always imbalances and even if there is tremendous balance there are always areas that have room for improvement. If you have a lot of cash do you expand the business? Buy out someone else? Pay a dividend? There are always many questions to be asked and areas of for opportunity to be looked at.

It takes at least 50 hours for the consultant, working with the owners or executives, to discover the real issues and opportunities. Over the course of this package you and the consultant are initiating and completing actions on a daily basis to get your company on the path to success.

Stepping Out

Start Hiking

Muskoka Business Consultants
  • 96 Hours of consulting time — over 3 months
  • 5 Hours of face time on the premises each week
  • 3 Hours of off-site research/analysis each week

A project of this size will touch on all 4 areas of your business with a specific focus on the two areas that offer the greatest room for improvement to grow the business or surface more cash.

The consultant will help you and your team find actionable items to do each week which will, when maintained, continue to assist in the growth and success of your business.

Stepping Up

Let's Exert Ourselves

Muskoka Business Consultants
  • 352 Hours of consulting time — over 1 year
  • 6 Hours of face time on the premises per engaged week
  • 2 Hours of off-site analysis each engaged week
  • 8 Weeks of non-engaged 'break weeks'

This type of engagement will touch on all 4 areas throughout while dedicating the majority of the time to the one or two that need the most attention. Overall balance is pursued while looking for and achieving significant improvements in sales, cash flow and the investment of the growing cash in its highest leverage opportunities.

Accountability metrics will be developed for every employee so they can report their progress and achievements on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure effective execution of the strategies and plans taken.

The consultant will work in conjunction with the owners, mentors and coaches, designated employees and senior or high-potential employees to determine areas for growth and get everyone working as a team towards communal success.

Rising Up

Achieving New Heights

Muskoka Business Consultant
  • 500 - 1500 Hours of consulting time — over 2 years
  • Face time tailored to fit to your business needs
  • Off-site analysis tailored to fit to your business needs

If you are already a solid company with a score of 25 or more in our business assessment test and you want to leap out and grow at a steady compounding rate or prepare your company for sale at a top price and high multiple of earnings, then this is the package for you.

With this package we supply a multi-dimensional team of experts over 18 to 24 months to prepare a company for sale, this time helps to ensure the business gets the full value for the company and also ensures the buyer gets fair value.

We help you build a comprehensive business plan to align with your fiscal year finalized 3 months before the first day of your next financial year. 

We employ a comprehensive business planning model that sets aside time for maintenance and ad hoc (things that come along that we could not foresee) and assign times to action plans that truly will make a difference. In this way, the plans you and our consultants deem necessary get done on time and on budget.

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