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Branding is the perceived image of you in the marketplace. It is your persona.
Yes, Coca Cola and Proctor & Gamble have wonderful branding images, but the good news is you can be very small and have a great brand. Your restaurant serves great fish and chips? You can get that brand out there by word of mouth and a lot by simple guerrilla marketing and basic product promotion.


Marketing is the wise use of advertising dollars. Employee uniforms and a host of other things can get your business known by the right people so they can buy from you. Once upon a time it seemed like you had to go big or stay home, but now with the internet and portable phones and iPads there are all kinds of effective ways you can get your name out there very cost-effectively.

What We Can Do To Help...

When you need to check how you are doing or you know it is time to chart a new course, we like to help by using the SWOT process. If you go to the Internet you will find 100s of excellent renditions of this process. They are all great. What we do is ask you good, tough questions and help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We help you to gain a realistic perspective of your company so your plans are sure to succeed.

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