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It’s surely another order
It’s probably a service problem or someone’s sick
It’s probably somebody looking for money
Pocket full of cash no need for anything to buy
Some room left on the credit cards
No walkin’ around money
I can be away for months and my business runs without me
I can be away a week but I am extremely important
My business needs my personal attention and efforts most of the time
I draw a significant monthly salary and pay out dividends every year
I draw a decent monthly salary
I earn a steady monthly salary but it is less than I would like
I eat well exercise regularly and sleep like a baby
I am mostly OK but wish I could work out more and sometimes worry at night when sleeping
I often have sleepless nights and sometimes worry about meeting payroll
I make every performance activity my children and grandkids ever have
I sometimes miss things my family does due to work commitments
The time is flying by and I am missing important family and friend outings due to work necessities
We are growing steadily and our pretax profit is 12% in an industry that averages 8%
Our growth is steady if modest but our pre-tax profit is less than the industry average
We continue to struggle at breaking even hoping next year will be our breakout year
We have cash in the bank and the credit line is significant and unused
Our credit line is two-thirds used and I wish it were lower
Our receivables are averaging over 50 days and several are worrisome
Our accountant says our EBITDA is $600,000 and with a multiple of 3.5 times we might sell for $2.1 million
Our EBITDA has been flat for several years and I am so critical to the business it could not yet be sold
  EBITDA? Say what?
We have a solid senior team that could readily transition the business to a new owner
I should get around soon to hiring a solid general manager so I could focus on what I do best and the company could run better and perhaps without me
I have a team that is struggling to deal with what we have on-the-go right now. Building a team to grow the business must wait

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