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Sales are the top-line of the income statement. They are the ball going through the basket, the puck into the net, the player getting into the end zone for a touchdown. It’s exciting. It’s a score. It’s what drives the business. But it is an extremely complicated process that leads up to that.
Some entrepreneurs can coach themselves, yet still almost everyone can benefit from assistance, analysis, or going to a coach for tips.


Revenue is like the score at the end of a game. When you are scoring and winning a lot you can’t wait to play again. The great thing here is you can be successful without having to beat anyone and you don’t have to lose ever either.
It’s a giant total market out in the big wide world and you can be a slam dunk winner by simply getting your fair share. But you also need to get as many of those revenue dollars down to the bottom line so as to make a big profit. That gets you back to finance and managing your money well.

What We Can Do To Help...

Where a sales increase is required in the immediate short-term we can help on pricing, quoting and closing. Often there is a sales funnel that requires clear definition and daily achievement on the metrics. In this case, coaching and mentoring of the sales people is helpful. Increasingly, the sales cycle is prolonged and we show you how to use the methodology of SPIN Selling (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff) — the most proven approach ever.

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