Case Studies - Corporate

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Corporate Accomplishments


• As co-owner and operational director, both hired and lead a sales team and personally conducted presentations to become the # 1 sales organization in Canada for high end drinking water purification systems.

• Engaged as COO of a startup company that was integrating same day intra city with overnight intercity courier companies via elegant software; focused disparate partners and established a platform for growth.

Turn-around and Business Efficiencies

• Identified and implemented joint backroom efficiency opportunities in marketing, technology, human resources and administration for an integrated group of financial companies. Result: reduced costs by $28M per year for a five straight years. Brookfield Financial Services. (Originally Trilon Financial Services)

• Engaged by business founders to right an industrial supply business; revitalized staffing, increased sales by 33%, implemented effective cost controls; Result: bottom line from -12% EBITDA to +16% within 8 months.

Business Development

• Provided an independent analysis of a $750M potential acquisition (within 72 hours of request); estimated deal at $44 per share – the actual deal price 14 days later.

• Proposed the step-out business of delivering privately branded financial services on site (first in market) through a national grocery chain thereby avoiding costly bricks and mortar; sold the idea to senior management both in our organization and the client, then drafted LOIs and the first cut of complex new contracts; Result: successful implementation in 100’s of locations.


• Identified the opportunity, sold it to the executive team and lead the creation of the first private telephone network in Canada for 40,000 users.

• Engaged by an online training firm’s principals to improve top line performance; revamped marketing and sales strategy and hired key sales professional with the immediate result of an improved sales funnel (quality and numbers).

Information Technology

• Lead the team which created state-of-the-art software to enable clients and agents to access information with touch screen user friendly methodology; increased market share from 17% to 25% in a test market of one million people (Ottawa). Prompted TREB (Toronto real Estate Board to upgrade for their agents.

• As CIO, in partnership with the CFO, delivered the first installation of SAP in North America while continuing to support all other systems used throughout multiple operating divisions of the company.


• Created intuitive friendly mapping systems to enable clients to present their products and locations on maps via the Internet and to enable people to see the routing to the destination via maps displayed on car dashboards. SmartMaps Inc was founded in 1993 and used Rand McNally maps to present locations and track vehicles. This is the Smart Maps, Gananoque map style in 1997. Google Maps was launched in 2005 with extraordinary success and excellence.

• As the president designate, created a globally focused 50/50 partnership to exploit developed technologies for the transmission of: real estate information, medical data and imaging; and for uploading of photographic images for transmission, storage and printing. The company, T-III was sold to BC Tel. which sold it as System 4 to GTE in the US. GTE is now owned by Verizon Communications.

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